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Pre-packaged tortillas can lose their moisture if kept for a long time and when it is heated, it becomes stiff. So try to use prepacked tortillas within a short period of time. If you are heating a prepacked tortilla after a long period of time and you want a moist, warm tortilla try to use the following techniques:

  • Microwaving it
  • Putting it in the oven
  • By heating it on a stove

Here are the ways to use the above-mentioned methods: 1) In the microwave: If you plan on using a microwave to heat a prepackaged tortilla, place the tortillas on the microwave plate; cover it with the moist towel or any soft cloth. 


Now microwave it for few seconds that could be 30-40 seconds and then make sure all of your tortillas are warmed. It is best to heat tortillas when they are stacked on top of each other, otherwise, they may lose their original taste and texture.


2) In the oven:

In the case that you are using an oven and you want to reheat a stack of tortillas in the same amount of time then this method is more useful as compared to other methods. 


In order to heat tortillas in an oven, take a dish, put all the tortillas over it and then cover it with a moist towel and then wrap aluminum foil in such a way that your dish is all covered. Preheat your oven to 120-degree centigrade and then place your dish in it for 15-20 minutes. Time can be increased if the amount of tortillas is larger.


3) In the stove

If you do not have an oven or microwave available, then this conventional method can be used. Infect it is the most common and simple method used by many citizens. All you need is a nonstick and non-greasy pan. Reheat for like 1 minute and the heat each side for few seconds. But these methods take a lot of time for the bunch of the tortillas. Some people do not even use pans but put it directly on the top of the stove at a very little flame.


This method can be used but only for those who have been practicing it for a long time.ln this busy life, people prefer the easy way of cooking and reheating. That is why first two methods are feasible and easier to do.


If you are trying to reheat tortillas that are a few days old, take a few drops of water, sprinkle it over the tortillas and brush it well with oil before placing it on a nonstick and non-greasy pan. Heat each side well. Try to consume old tortillas right after reheating. 

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